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COVID-19 is having a significant impact in vulnerable communities around the world. Are you able to help us to support our project communities and others? Click here to read more

 Wycliffe Relief and Development Foundation

The Wycliffe Relief and Development Foundation is a registered charity.
We demonstrate Christian compassion and provide relief to groups of people who are disadvantaged and suffering.
Generally we only engage with communities where related organisations or partners are operating. This way we can be sure that our involvement is effective and efficient.

Donations to the Foundation are tax deductible for Australian taxpayers.
All donations are processed by Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia.

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Books for Remote Schools PNG

English is the official language of education in PNG but a lack of materials, as well as training for teachers, severely limits the ability of students to reach the required standards of English. Through a partnership with schools in north Queensland and a training workshop run by SIL-PNG we have the opportunity to improve the
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0.0% of $4,000 funded

COVID-19 Relief

We have been in contact with our current project administrators to assess their situation after the emergence of the COVID-19 virus. Generally, they report that normal routines have been suspended as people are confined to their houses or have their movement restricted. Therefore, existing WRDF projects are generally on hold and will continue when circumstances
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30.2% of $100,000 funded

Cameroon Child Trauma Healing

Since 2016, the regions of North-West and South-West Cameroon have been facing continual violence. According to UNICEF, over 300,000 school-age children have been displaced as their families seek refuge in places that they hope are a little safer. Armed groups in control of the region have had a no-schools policy, so 80% of children have
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14.0% of $35,000 funded

Iamalele Literacy PNG

The Iamalele people live on West Fergusson Island in the Milne Bay Province of Papua New Guinea. During the 1980s, a literacy programme was established for the Iamalele people. Pre-readers, primers and teachers’ guides were produced as well as additional reading books about their customs, traditional dress as well as hunting and fishing stories. In
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100.0% of $5,000 funded

South Asia 2 – Literacy

Literacy is a critical element of language preservation and cultural dignity for minority groups. In this country a number of language groups have low literacy levels. They are politically powerless and struggle to maintain their identity as they live alongside the dominant majority culture. A local NGO with links to Wycliffe has developed literacy materials
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0.4% of $66,000 funded

S.E. Asia maternal health care

This project serves mothers and babies in South East Asia where a member of a related organisation does training and education in maternal and infant health. Midwifery mentorship and upskilling Training for Village Birth Attendants Womens Health Education among minority ethnic groups Breastfeeding education and individual support for breastfeeding mothers Training on supporting survivors of
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96.4% of $14,000 funded

South Asia 1 – Education and healthcare

Traditionally hunter-gatherers, people in these communities survive on whatever fruit and tubers they manage to find each day in the forest. Plagued by malnourishment and subsequent medical problems, these groups have no access to doctors or medical facilities. Living on the edge of poverty, they face further challenges due to illiteracy, unemployment, and wild animal
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50.5% of $17,000 funded
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