South Asia 2 – X-Ray Machine

This project is for the purchase of an x-ray machine for a small hospital.
The heart of our partner organisation is to assist remote communities in its area to thrive – especially minority groups that do not have easy access to the resources available to majority communities. Having a small but well equipped hospital and mobile clinic is one of the main ways that our partner is able to provide this assistance at a reasonable cost.

0.0% of $16,000 funded

South Asia 2 – Literacy

Literacy is a critical element of language preservation and cultural dignity for minority groups. In this country a number of language groups have low literacy levels. They are politically powerless and struggle to maintain their identity as they live alongside the dominant majority culture. A local NGO with links to Wycliffe has developed literacy materials
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0.8% of $59,000 funded

S.E. Asia maternal health care

Help support mothers and babies in a country in S. E Asia One of our partner organisations has a qualified staff member who is directly involved in sourcing and supplying equipment and medicine for women. Your gifts will help with buying supplies and providing one-on-one support. There is little or no support for breastfeeding mothers in
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91.4% of $4,400 funded

South Asia 1 – Education and healthcare

Traditionally hunter-gatherers, people in these communities survive on whatever fruit and tubers they manage to find each day in the forest. Plagued by malnourishment and subsequent medical problems, these groups have no access to doctors or medical facilities. Living on the edge of poverty, they face further challenges due to illiteracy, unemployment, and wild animal
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52.9% of $17,000 funded
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