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Multilingual Education DR Congo

45.5% of $55,000 funded

It’s an all too familiar story, young children dropping out of school because they must learn the basic subjects in a language they do not speak. However, in a remote, peaceful region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), this trend is being reversed.

Ngbaka language communities are proud of their language and comprise 1.5 million speakers. The children are now starting their education in the language they use at home. Once these children understand that learning is achievable, they are then learning French, the national language, and progressing through their classes with success. Multilingual Education (MLE) equips young children for life-long learning and increases their ability to engage successfully in activities that contribute to the well-being of their families and community.

Including MLE in early education proves to be too difficult for many communities. That’s where we can help. The government is not able to provide books for the schools nor the teacher training needed. This project also provides for classroom supplies in the 114 schools in the program. As more teachers are trained neighbouring schools are able to adopt the MLE approach.

WRDF is picking up this project that has been in progress for three years. Join us as we encourage best childhood education practice for a new generation in the DRC.

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