Completed Projects

Sentani Disaster Relief

On Saturday, 16 March 2019, a flash flood swept through the town of Sentani in the province of Papua, Indonesia. Storms and rain that continued for several days caused massive damage to the area, with landslides occurring down the main mountain and surrounding areas. More than 100 people lost their lives and around ten thousand
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58.2% of $10,000 funded

Togo-Moba Literacy Training

How do you provide literacy training for leaders when they are unable to attend physical classes?  In Togo, Africa, face to face literacy training can only occur in the dry season, which runs for five months. To meet this need, Wycliffe Relief and Development sponsored staff in an existing literacy program in the Moba language
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100.0% of $6120 funded

Kerala India Disaster Relief

The head of a partner organisation in India reports that the province of Kerala in India is in crisis after recent flooding. The floods have had an impact from Kasaragod in the north to Thiruvananthapuram in the south. A red alert has been declared in all 14 districts. News reports indicate that 800,000 people have
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50.0% of $10,000 funded

PNG Earthquake Relief

On February 26, parts of PNG were impacted by a 7.6 magnitude earthquake that caused tragic loss of life and destruction of infrastructure, particularly around Komo, Tari, and Mendi. This project will enable us to consolidate and forward funding to key organisations that we know well, and who are involved in delivering critical help effectively
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37.7% of $20,000 funded

Africa Medical Mission

For over 15 years a group of Australian volunteers has been travelling to Africa to provide medical care to remote and isolated minority people groups. These volunteers have included Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, and Dentists, as well as non-medical personnel, who provide free basic medical treatment for those who do not have access to help or
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35.4% of $22,000 funded
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