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South Asia 2 – Literacy

0.4% of $66,000 funded

Literacy is a critical element of language preservation and cultural dignity for minority groups. In this country a number of language groups have low literacy levels. They are politically powerless and struggle to maintain their identity as they live alongside the dominant majority culture. A local NGO with links to Wycliffe has developed literacy materials covering topics such as health and relationships which will help these communities thrive. Beginning with two local communities where we have existing relationships, this project will enable students as well as future teachers to receive training in the use of these literacy materials.

Update Feb 2020

After good results from the first phase of the project, the second phase was delayed while one community debated over their preferred script. Once the script was chosen, the local NGO submitted the next phase of the literacy project for government approval. The processing of this application took time but at the end of 2019 the project was approved and was scheduled to get underway in 2020. When the project resumes from the present COVID-19 delay it will expand from a principally literacy focus to include other community felt needs including basic health and community awareness. Funding for the second phase has been approved by the Foundation.  Donations are still gratefully accepted as this is an ongoing project.
This is a multi year project

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If we receive extra funds, this will go towards next year’s target.