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YMA – Water tanks

102.0% of $40,000 funded

We have started working with a new group in Papua New Guinea called the Young Missionary Alliance (YMA). The members of the group are young, energetic and influential professional Christian Papua New Guinea nationals with a real heart for helping the country and its citizens in practical ways.

We have been looking for opportunities to increase our scope in the Pacific region, so we are very excited by this opportunity.

We are providing funding for their first modest project which is the installation of two water tanks and associated equipment in the village of Vakuta in the Trobriand island group.  Vakuta suffers from an unreliable water supply, so that there are times of the year when lack of drinking water is a challenge to physical health. YMA has been involved in assessing the project viability (in conjunction with the local community), purchase of the equipment and installation, and the monitoring of ongoing usage and usefulness. The cost for this project is a modest A$8,000 as no labour costs are involved.

We are talking to YMA about the prospects of further projects that are targeted to be the most effective to assist communities in this country that has so many challenges.

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