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About Us

Photo by Ari Vitikainen

The Wycliffe Relief and Development Foundation is an Australian public company that is registered as a charity and a Public Benevolent Institution. Donations to the Foundation are tax deductible.

The Foundation exists to demonstrate Christian compassion and provide relief to groups of people who may be disadvantaged and suffering for various reasons. These include those who have experienced natural disasters, those who are dispossessed, those who do not have adequate access to basic health care, clean water, sanitation, or education facilities.

Our intention is that we will only engage with communities where members of related organisations or partners have a deep relationship and where the provision of relief is requested and managed by those related organisations. That way, we can be sure that our involvement will be effective and efficient. We do not aim to be the biggest NGO in town, but we do aim to deliver high quality compassionate outcomes through our extensive network of partners.

The DNA of the Foundation is unashamedly Christian, but our support is not confined to those of our own faith. We seek to demonstrate God’s love through holistic ministry.