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PNG – Deaf Literacy

14.3% of $35,000 funded

Group producing literacy materials for the deaf in PNG. An elaborate camera setup points towards a lady performing sign language in front of a green screen.
Deaf children in PNG are trapped in a growing crisis of language deprivation. Recent government policies dismantled dedicated deaf units that offered crucial language access and role models for deaf children. This well-intended decision has harmed deaf communities by isolating deaf children from their deaf peers in school. The resulting isolation leaves many deaf children struggling to acquire their natural language, PNG Sign Language (PNGSL). Without PNGSL and access to supportive peer communities, deaf children face developmental delays, emotional isolation, and long-term challenges in education, work, and social life.

WRDF is joining with SIL’s Global Sign Languages team and the PNG Deaf Association to build on earlier work and develop 25 digital word booklets featuring PNG Sign Language (PNGSL) specifically designed for pre-lingual children and their families. This new project will result in more materials and a wider impact, hopefully eventually across the country.

The project managers believe this project also has the potential to create a ripple effect of wider positive changes within the community. By improving communication, strengthening families, and raising awareness, they believe it can pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable society for deaf individuals and everyone around them.

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