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South Asia 1 – Farmer Development

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The community being helped by this project are marginalised from the mainstream of their society by language, low levels of education and social structure. They have a low standard of living and depend heavily on farming and agriculture for their livelihood.

Our project partner has already initiated work in this community and has established a significant number of local farmer-owned and managed cooperatives. The farmers are being trained with programs that promote soil health with natural and sustainable farming practices, provide financial literacy, diversification into animal husbandry, create micro-credit enterprises with monthly savings targets, and are given access to quality seeds and fertilizers. The farmers are also taught how to access subsidised Government schemes.

This project will expand the number of cooperatives and strengthen existing coops, so that more farmers improve their livelihoods through sustainable and informed farming practices.

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If we receive extra funds, this will go towards next year’s target.