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South Asia 1 – Education and healthcare

1.5% of $17,000 funded

Traditionally hunter-gatherers, people in these communities survive on whatever fruit and tubers they manage to find each day in the forest. Plagued by malnourishment and subsequent medical problems, these groups have no access to doctors or medical facilities. Living on the edge of poverty, they face further challenges due to illiteracy, unemployment, and wild animal attacks.

The aim of this project is to bring hope to two of these communities by creating learning centres that run health awareness meetings, health events, and life skill workshops. Thanks to funding already received, many children in one of the communities have already benefited from attending these learning centres. In addition, 23 health awareness meetings have been held, 8 villages have taken part in a ‘clean the country’ initiative, and meetings have taken place to discuss the introduction of tailoring classes. Further funding will ensure that both communities will benefit from this effective program in 2018 and beyond.

Update Feb 2020

In the last six months of 2019, 83 children from two language communities attended five learning centres where they improved their learning skills. Note that the number of children attending have declined since the last report, not due to lack of interest or effectiveness of the school but due to more children prepared to enrol in the nearby government run private school. Children and adults are producing a large number of literacy materials and twenty adults can now read and write in their mother tongue.

Increased education and literacy skills are helping build personal confidence and greater community collaboration. Social action groups are tapping into available local funds for food subsidies, clean water projects, road improvements and health and hygiene initiatives. Many benefit from the wages they earn through these community development projects. Locals report they are also more confident in the marketplace and their fear of being deceived or exploited is decreasing.

As literacy and confidence rises, the people hope to access more initiatives like Medical Check-up Camps and Livelihood Development training. Your continued support for the 2020 year for these two communities help insure their improving conditions.

We are expecting our partners to confirm soon that they want to reach out to two more communities. If resources are available, we would love to be able to assist two more groups experiencing the same challenging circumstances.

This is a multi year project

Please note that all donations are processed by Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia.

If we receive extra funds, this will go towards next year’s target.