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South Asia 1 – Education and healthcare

30.7% of $40,023 funded

Poverty among the tribal peoples in this country is generally a result of their alienation from the mainstream society which, in turn, is caused by illiteracy, poor health, ignorance of their rights, and a lack of skills. The aim of this project is to bring hope to two different communities by creating learning centres and running awareness/advocacy meetings, health events, and livelihood development activities. The project will also liaise with Government to ensure that local people become aware of the various citizen benefit schemes available. Livelihood development will be encouraged by providing tailoring classes so that community members can learn a new skill and produce clothing that can be sold at markets.

Through the efforts of our project partner, the people in these communities are being mobilised to form their own local body of governance and management. Over time it is expected that this project will become self-supportive with this level of community participation. The project will work with at least two villages in one community and three villages in a second (geographically separate) community.

This project aims to address each of these causes of poverty and hopes to eventually enable these communities to be financially independent.

Our project partner has previously run similar community development projects in other isolated communities over the past three years and is hoping for equally successful outcomes with these communities.


This is a multi year project

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If we receive extra funds, this will go towards next year’s target.