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South Asia 1 – Education and community empowerment

9.8% of $60,000 funded

Generations of illiteracy, poor health and a lack of education among minority groups in this country in South Asia have led to increased poverty and alienation from the rest of society. The aim of this project is to bring hope to multiple impoverished communities by creating learning centres and running awareness and advocacy meetings, health events, and livelihood development activities such as tailoring classes. Our project partners are also liaising with the government to ensure that locals are aware of the various citizen benefit schemes available to them. Communities involved in this scheme are also being mobilised to form their own local committees for governance and management. Over time, it is hoped that each location will become self-sufficient. Wycliffe Relief and Development Fund has agreed to add a third location to this project in 2023 because the communities in which the project is currently running have found it so beneficial.


This is a multi year project

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If we receive extra funds, this will go towards next year’s target.