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Philippines – Mayoyao MLE

4.1% of $49,000 funded

School teacher in front of a class of school-aged children utilising materials developed by the Mayoyao project.The aim of this project is to complete a Multilingual Education (MLE) project that was commenced in a local rural community in the Philippines in 2017 and halted in 2020 due to the COVID Pandemic. Local schoolteachers and leaders have been urging for the project to be reactivated and completed. The project will involve a workshop to share the completed materials with the teachers, but a major component of the cost is for final edits, checking and printing of literacy materials that were created before the project was suspended.

This project is a cooperative endeavour between a local NGO with assistance from SIL Australia, and the regional Department of Education in the Philippines. As is generally the case with MLE programs, this program is designed to help children engage more effectively in learning. Historically, English and Filipino were the only languages used for teaching, however children struggled to understand if these languages weren’t used in the community. Using the local language for literacy materials and teaching during the first few years of school fosters better learning and literacy development.

The original funders of the project are unable to continue their support, but WRDF would love to be able to provide funds to enable the local community to reap the benefit of all the hard work that has been done to date.

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