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Sentani Disaster Relief

58.2% of $10,000 funded

On Saturday, 16 March 2019, a flash flood swept through the town of Sentani in the province of Papua, Indonesia. Storms and rain that continued for several days caused massive damage to the area, with landslides occurring down the main mountain and surrounding areas. More than 100 people lost their lives and around ten thousand people were forced to evacuate from their homes amid the rising waters.

The floods caused damage to roads and bridges, cutting off remote areas and affecting rescue efforts. Local infrastructure and housing in the villages below the mountains were swept away in the floods.

Dealing with the aftermath of the devastation comes with some immense challenges. Teams of volunteers have been working around the clock to care for the needs of those affected. There are Wycliffe members who are currently supporting those affected by the disaster. But there will be many buildings and homes that need to be rebuilt.

The Wycliffe Development and Relief Foundation has set up a fund to support those who are suffering. We expect that most of our assistance will be in the rebuilding phase, once the first phase of emergency relief has finished. Wycliffe Australia has members on the ground who are able to assist with the distribution of materials and help with building, and we will also work with reputable local organisations who are already engaged in relief efforts.

Project has finished. Thank you for your support!