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Blood Analyser

100.0% of $20,000 funded

A blood analyser is a vital tool for the SIL clinic in the central highlands of PNG. The clinic has long provided life-saving and life-prolonging medical care for local Papua New Guineans. At the clinic, they often see undiagnosed diseases (commonly diabetes and heart disease) that result in a diminished quality of life. The current machine performs over 10,000 tests per year, but is now unreliable and beyond repair.

A new blood analyser will allow the medical staff to quickly diagnose problems, which is the first step in providing appropriate treatment and long-term health management. On many occasions, it is literally life-saving. The replacement will not only be more reliable, but also more effective given its ability to perform a wider range of tests.

The clinic sees helping people in local communities as a central part of their practical and spiritual mandate so we encourage you to support this worthwhile project.

This project is now fully funded. Thank you for your support!