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Hdi Dictionary

0.0% of $2,700 funded

SIL in Cameroon have been working with the Hdi community to develop a dictionary of their language, using a process called Rapid Word Collection. To date, their work has collected over 12,000 words and expressions. Now substantial follow-up work is needed to compile and perfect what has been collected, so that they can complete the dictionary.

The production of the Hdi dictionary will help in the standardisation of the alphabet and spelling rules for the language, improving the quality of written materials and making communication more effective. This will encourage the community in promoting the use of their written language for literacy and education.

This project will fund working sessions in Maroua, the capital of the Far North Region of Cameroon, where the necessary infrastructure is available and security is acceptable. The project manager predicts that due to various limitations the project will take three years to complete.

Members of the Hdi community who have been involved in the process of data collection have expressed their joy at what they have achieved. This shows that they highly value their language. Dictionaries like this are significant for local communities.  The Hdi dictionary will strengthen their identity and heritage while aiding future learning and growth.

This project has ended. Thank you for your support!