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Cameroon Literacy

8.4% of $25,000 funded

This is the second year of a three-year project run by SIL Cameroon that provides training for holding ‘functional literacy classes’ – teaching basic reading and writing skills that help communities with everyday tasks and communication. Eight different communities in Cameroon select two representatives to attend training sessions each year. These target communities are located in the Mandara Mountains and are among the poorest and most illiterate in the country. They have a strong attachment to their language which is still the main language of communication in the area. Once trainees have completed their training, they are then responsible for mobilising their communities to organise teacher training and implement a local literacy program. The trainers are coached and mentored by SIL specialists. They also help to translate key books that raise community awareness of issues such as human rights, cultural and social issues, animal breeding and agriculture, health, nutrition, environment and business.

Women walk down the dusty streets of Maroua on a sunny afternoon. This photo was taken by Zeke du Plessis. 

Project complete. Thanks for your support!