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Cameroon Child Trauma Healing

Since 2016, the regions of North-West and South-West Cameroon have been facing continual violence. According to UNICEF, over 300,000 school-age children in Cameroon have been displaced as their families seek refuge in places that they hope are a little safer. Armed groups in control of the region have had a no-schools policy, so 80% of children have been denied schooling over a number of years. The goal of this project is to equip teachers, parents and guardians of these children to help them deal with the trauma, and return to normal life and education.

This three-year project has just been completed. Good progress was made in training teachers to identify children impacted by trauma and in interaction with traumatised students.
The final year concentrated on train-the-trainer sessions with teachers, so that the impact can be as wide as possible, as well as negotiating with government authorities for them to copy the program and use it across the country on an ongoing basis. It is not yet clear how the government will respond.

This program achieved its original goals of transforming the lives of thousands of young children badly impacted by intense trauma and we are proud that we were able to be involved

This project is now completed.