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COVID-19 Relief

0.0% of $100,000 funded

We have been in contact with our current project administrators to assess their situation after the emergence of the COVID-19 virus. Generally, they report that normal routines have been suspended as people are confined to their houses or have their movement restricted. Therefore, existing WRDF projects are generally on hold and will continue when circumstances permit.

Through these communications, it has become clear that many of the communities that we have supported are in desperate need of extra help to simply keep people alive due to shortages of food or water. For example, day labourer jobs have disappeared, physical movement has been restricted, food is scarce. People who were already vulnerable are now even more so, because of the lack of government social safety nets. These needs are outside the scope of our existing projects.

In this light, we have created the COVID-19 relief project that will deal with relief needs in multiple locations. This will not only be directed toward the communities in our current projects, but we are also trying to identify other communities linked to Wycliffe and SIL groups. The relationships we have with these groups will ensure that funds are well spent and accounted for.

We understand that all Australians are also facing challenging circumstances and financial resources may be under pressure at this time. However, if your circumstances allow, we encourage you to pray about supporting those who don’t have the protections that we do.

Please note that all donations are processed by Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia.