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Togo-Moba Literacy Training

100.0% of $6120 funded

How do you provide literacy training for leaders when they are unable to attend physical classes?  In Togo, Africa, face to face literacy training can only occur in the dry season, which runs for five months. To meet this need, Wycliffe Relief and Development sponsored staff in an existing literacy program in the Moba language to develop literacy training materials which can be accessed at any time throughout the year, regardless of the weather conditions.

Training resources have been created in MP3 format which are then loaded onto micro SD cards that can be played on smartphones and radios. By developing lessons and loading them onto phones, students can continue to receive teaching in their own villages during the wet season, and are much better prepared for the next round of face to face training. We sponsored the production of 45 lessons for students in year 1 and year 2 of their training. This is a simple use of technology that gives students much more effective training, and can be distributed to anyone interested in increasing their local language literacy skills.

This was a one-off project that is now completed. The materials will be introduced to students in March 2019.