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South Asia 2 – X-Ray Machine

0.0% of $16,000 funded

This project is for the purchase of an x-ray machine for a small hospital.

The heart of our partner organisation is to assist remote communities in its area to thrive – especially minority groups that do not have easy access to the resources available to majority communities. Having a small but well equipped hospital and mobile clinic is one of the main ways that our partner is able to provide this assistance at a reasonable cost.

The hospital already has an ECG and ultrasound equipment, but the lack of an x-ray machine is seriously hindering the ability of doctors to provide good diagnostic services. At the moment patients have to undertake at least a day’s travel to a large town to have x-rays performed at a hospital where the fees are very high.

There is a doctor in residence at the hospital and trained staff are available to run an x-ray machine. Maintenance support is also available in the region. Ongoing running costs will be covered by modest fees charged to patients.

Please help us to fund this one-off cost so that our partner can become even more effective in reaching out to communities in need.

Please note that all donations are processed by Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia.
If we receive extra funds, this will go towards next year’s target.