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Kerala India Disaster Relief

Reuters: Sivaram V

The head of a partner organisation in India reports that the province of Kerala in India is in crisis after recent flooding. The floods have had an impact from Kasaragod in the north to Thiruvananthapuram in the south. A red alert has been declared in all 14 districts.

News reports indicate that 800,000 people have been displaced and more than 350 have died in the flooding, which is the worst in the region for 100 years.

Our partner organisation has reported that their own staff is safe, but they are committed to help with relief efforts in the area and have asked for financial help. Of course, the Indian government and relief agencies are mobilising to assist, but there are always circumstances where an organisation already on the ground can be effective with well-targeted assistance to the very vulnerable.

So please help us as we support efforts to show Christian charity in a time of extreme need.



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