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Cameroon Child Trauma Healing

9.3% of $21,000 funded

Since 2016, the regions of North-West and South-West Cameroon have been facing continual violence. According to UNICEF, over 300,000 school-age children in Cameroon have been displaced as their families seek refuge in places that they hope are a little safer. Armed groups in control of the region have had a no-schools policy, so 80% of children have been denied schooling over a number of years. The goal of this project is to equip teachers, parents and guardians of these children to help them deal with the trauma, and return to normal life and education.

SIL Cameroon is the agency who has developed this project. The program is a one year cycle that will involve 30 teachers per year, and be repeated in different areas in a second and third year.

The project was able to make some headway in 2020 despite Covid, but is hoping to operate fully in 2021. The program has five components:

  1. Teacher training for 30 teachers, based on material developed by Women’s Health Goulburn North, in Australia.
  2. Implementation of the training.
  3. Sharing and practice meetings after six months.
  4. Creating awareness amongst host families of the traumatised children—so that they might be able to use the same principles to help in the process of healing.
  5. Introducing the concept to government officials with the hope that they see the benefit for the broader community

The aim is that at the end of this process, 90 classrooms of internally displaced children will be healthier and making good progress towards achieving social and educational goals.


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If we receive extra funds, this will go towards next year’s target.